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Meeting Minutes – Aug 16, 2018

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, Aug 16, 2018, 7:00 Pm
Mayor John Ridlington
Phil Teller –President
Lorilee Technetium- Advocate for Disabilities, Chamber Secretary
Ali Bylenga- Treasurer
Larry Kulesza- Historical Liaison
Aditi Sood
Meeting Called To Order at 7:08 Pm.
A Special Thank You to the Firefighters and Crews
Ali began our evening discussing how area businesses would like to show their appreciation to our fire crews for all of their dedication and hard work. Short term, they would like to do a Fireman’s ball. Long term, they would like to raise money for the firemen and for the families affected by the fires. Ali will be talking to area businesses, sign companies and et cetera, to see who is in. Their involvement and services are a tax deductible contribution.
Blood Drive:
Kettle Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Association will be hosting a blood drive at the new True Value Hardware store in Kettle Falls, August 25th from 11Am to 6PM.Inland Northwest will be facilitating. A PSA will be on the radio stations and in local papers. Come out and save a life!
Chamber Business
We need to get the checkbook from Andrea.
Ali Bylenga and Phil Teller will be going to banner bank to transfer names off the account and add their own.
Events and Entertainment:
We have begun the coupon books for Kettle Falls. If you would like to be included, please email secretary@kfchamber.org or call 509-680-8661.
True Value Hardware Store
Congratulations for the upcoming Grand Opening for True Value on September 2 from 2-6pm See you there.
Area Fires
Thank you to everyone who has participated and helped with the area fires. This has been a stressful time for all of us and we are deeply saddened for the families that lost their homes. The Kettle Falls food bank has vouchers for any of you who live in the fire zones that need personal supplies. The Kettle Falls clothing room is ready and on standby to assist with any immediate clothing needs. God bless all of you. Together we will get through this.
Kettle Falls Pool
Mayor Ridlington discussed the pool. Unfortunately, the pool sustained more damage from the water that leaked out. They are working diligently to get the pool fixed.


Kettle Falls –Colville Walking Bike trail
Mayor Ridlington told us of plans for the Colville Kettle Falls Bike trail. Plans have been formulated and they are beginning to raise the money.
150 Bicyclists
September 10th 150 bicyclists will be coming through our area. Please exercise caution and share the roads with our guests.
Sound System
The Rotary Club has purchased the sound system for the stage. Thank you Rotary Club.
Stage Updates
Larry Kulesza let us know that the stage needs flooring updates. Contractor Simon Abeid assessed the stage. Larry will address city council on this issue.
Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM
The next scheduled Chamber Board meeting is Thursday September 6, 2018, 7 Pm at the Information Center.
Meeting Minutes By: Lorilee Technetium.