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Meeting Minutes – June 21, 2018

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Meeting
Thursday, June, 21, 2018, 7:00 Pm

Phil Teller –President
Linda Teller- Tech & Social Media
Lorilee Technetium- Advocate for Disabilities, Chamber Secretary
Aditi Sood
Larry Kulesza

Meeting Called To Order at 7:07 Pm.

There were not enough members to create a quorum so Chamber moved to open discussion.

Dinner on the Boulevard
Joe from Meyers Falls Market, Leann from Banner Bank, Steve from Backyard BBQ are all on board. Mr. Teller stated we should extend an invite to Colville area eateries and give Kettle Falls a large selection of scrumptious bites.
We would like to have a Piano/cello duo and possible flamenco dancers. We would like to offer a wine tasting event where you buy the (souvenir) glass and then get to taste anything you wish. The event is tentatively scheduled for late August. $35.00 per plate. The event will be buffet style. We would like a photo booth for pictures..( will need to borrow 35 mm camera), with tables lining Meyers Street (will need to rent from Sun Rentals). If you have other ideas, feel free to join us at our next Chamber meeting and  tell us what you would like.


Vandalism on the Stage 
Chamber briefly discussed the vandalism on the stage. Perhaps a game cam could help us to correct this issue? If anyone has any ideas on how to best handle this problem, come to the next meeting and talk with us.

Kettle Falls Downtown Association- Main Street Program

The next meeting is June 28th at 7pm, location is the Kettle Falls Library.

Crandall’s Coffee
The Grand Opening celebration for Crandall’s Coffee at the Old Apple Warehouse will be Thursday June 28th at 12:30. There will be a ribbon cutting celebration. Aditi will call the newspaper and obtain coverage. Crandall’s Coffee hours are M-F 6AM till 5pm. Sat- 7AM till 5PM. and Sunday 7AM till 2PM.
(after Crandall’s Coffee, we plan to have a Grand Opening for Backyard BBQ and the True Value store.)
Coupon Books
We are creating Coupon Books for our area. If you wish to be included please send over your:
Business Name
Discount Offered
Phone Number
to secretary@kfchamber.org

Event Calendar

Mrs. Teller had a question of what we should add for the events calendar. It was decided that all events that pertain to the Kettle Falls environment should be allowed. It was also decided that we can link to the North Columbia Monthly calendar. If you have an event that needs to be added, contact us.

For all future Kettle Falls events (like the Town & Country Days parade), politicians will be charged for participation. Discussion is ongoing as to the price. However, we feel that $100 for first time elections and more for re-elections would be suitable.

The Grouch
Mr. Kulesza had a question as to why only one business has the Grouch campaign. After discussion we noted that it should be passed among all the different businesses in town. We also noted that as soon as the Grouch is selected, we should start the new campaign for the next year’s grouch so that it is a fun year-long event. Mrs. Teller suggested that each month the grouch campaign is switched to a different business so that everyone can enjoy the fun.

Meeting adjourned at 7:41 PM

The next scheduled Chamber Board meeting is Thursday July 5th, 7 Pm at Information Center.

Meeting Minutes By Lorilee Technetium.

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