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Meeting Minutes – June 7, 2018

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, June 7, 2018, 7:00 Pm

Mayor John Ridlington
Phill Teller –President
Lorilee Technetium- Advocate for Disabilities, Chamber Secretary
Julie Chamberlain- Art Chair and Advocate
Linda Teller- Tech & Social Media
Aditi Sood
Larry Kulesza

Meeting Called To Order at 7:03 Pm.

The evening began with the President’s Report by Mr. Teller. We had record attendance at Town and Country Days. The beer garden was packed and sold out. Backyard BBQ also had record sales. It was stated that the venders were upset because they want more events/venues and festivals in Kettle Falls. Discussions began on ideas for new venues. Mrs. Chamberlain talked about the Marcus Ciderfest, citing what has worked for Marcus and how to bring those ideas to Kettle Falls.
Start Small
Appreciate Volunteers
Good Coordinators

Mayor John Ridlington brought up that there was some confusion at Town and Country Days. We had lots of great volunteers who did an amazing job, but we were lacking a volunteer coordinator. It was also stated that we needed a schedule of events. All future events/venues and festivals will have a printed schedule.
Mr. Mayor Ridlington than challenged the chamber with a question. “How do we make the stage more active?” He stated that he wants to see the stage used to help Kettle Falls Move it Forward.
Venues/Festivals/Events Ideas
* Baseball Tournaments
* Shakespeare In The Park ( Mrs Teller suggested the Shakespeare and would like to get the Woodland Theater involved.)
* Renaissance Faire
* Open Mic
* Talent Show
* Dance Event
* Movie Night
* Dinner on The Boulevard- (Mr Teller had a great idea that they do on the East Coast. Meyers Street lined with tables, candlelight diner, everyone dressed formally, live classical music, tango dancing, Wine from china bend, a photo shoot area for keepsake photos, Art Auction, dinner served by local restaurants, and charge $35.00 a plate. )
* Jr. Rangers Adventure Club- ( Lorilee has been creating the Kettle Falls Jr. Rangers Adventure Club. She will create the handbook for kids to begin their training as Jr. Rangers. Events for the park would include teaching the children local history, flora, and how to protect and preserve our forests and wildlife. This will be done in conjunction with the Forest Service and the Parks Service.)
* Butterfly Dancers on Stage
Mr. Teller stated that we need to keep the rules and regs to a minimum and not be over burdening. If we take care of our venders, they will return year after year. All of our businesses and venders need to thrive.
**As ideas are created and established for town events/festivals and venues, a town schedule will need to be made so that people can look forward to the events for years to come.
New T-Shirts Coming to the Information Center!
We will be adding “Move It Forward” T shirts to the info center. We will also be putting the logo on higher quality T-shirts. These will be available for sale shortly.
The Grouch
Congratulations to the new Kettle Falls Grouch: Jake Vining. Discussion moved to the need for more advertising for the Grouch Event. Traditionally it is a long term event, but this year promo was rather short. Next year we will need to place more efforts into the promo.
Delight in the wonder of the holiday season..Join us for an unforgettable North Pole experience- Tree Lighting Ceremony
Mr. Mayor Ridlington addressed the chamber for the Tree Lighting Ceremony. Promo needs to start early. We need more lights. We also need something at Woodland Theater before the event such as “The Christmas Story” or “Its a Wonderful Life”. Then perhaps local restaurants can offer a special dinner. Come to Kettle Falls and celebrate Christmas with us. Delight in the wonder of the holiday season..Join us for an unforgettable North Pole experience. Create wooden elf statues, light up all of Meyers Street, serve hot cocoa in snowman cups, create a kids sledding area, have a yeti contest, or have a snowman creating contest.
Artist Corner
Mrs. Chamberlain spoke next about some of the Artist opportunities developing. We now have art being displayed at Backyard BBQ, there is a local artist corner in Meyers Market and she is working diligently to get other avenues open with local businesses. One of these opportunities is called Artist of the Month.

New Business

Mrs. Sood spoke next about the need for advertising and promo when a new business opens. She suggested that we do a ribbon cutting ceremony and a newspaper article.
Coupon Books
It was suggested by Mrs. Chamberlain that we create coupon books. Not only will this show newcomers which businesses are in town but will give the businesses more revenue. Lorilee will create the coupon books and have them available soon.
Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM

The next scheduled Chamber Board meeting is Thursday June 21st, 7 Pm at the Information Center.

Meeting Minutes By Lorilee Technetium.

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