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Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2018

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, May 17, 2018, 7:00 Pm

Mayor John Ridlington
Phill Teller –President
Terry Cripps- Vice President
Lorilee Technetium- Advocate for Disabilities, Chamber Secretary
Julie Chamberlain- Art Chair and Advocate
Linda Teller- Tech & Social Media
Andrea Hedrick (By Phone) Treasurer
Larry Kulesza
Tim Lebo
Lee Moak
Carrie Paetsch- Kettle Falls Downtown Association

Meeting Called To Order at 7:02 Pm.

The evening began with a brief treasurer’s report by Andrea via phone.
Treasurers report was read
$2000.00 Operating Account
$4,192.00 Savings Account
Town & Country $15,086.35
Festival of Neighbors $1,363.91
We will no longer be holding the Festival of Neighbors event, so 1091.12 will go to the Kettle Falls School Music Program and 272.79 to Inchelium Music Program

Removal of Madlin and Sandy Sattler from the Operating Account. Approved by Terry and seconded by Lorilee.
Phil Teller was added as Cosigner to Operating Account, Approved by Terry and seconded by Julie.
Removal of Dave Blanck and Sandy Sattler from the Savings Account. Approved by Terry and seconded by Lorilee.
Phil Teller was added as Cosigner to Savings Account. Approved by Terry and seconded by Linda.
Phil and Andrea will be going to the bank to sign the supporting paperwork on the above decisions.
Phil will be getting a key from Andrea for the Chamber PO Box.

Discussion moved into needing a professional CPA for the chamber. Terry stated he would discuss this with local CPA’s to see who was taking on new clients.

Reading and approval of minutes. Phil read the recap. Terry approved them and Linda seconded.

The meeting then moved into Carrie Paetsch from the Kettle Falls Downtown Association clarifying their name. Even though we have referred to them as the Kettle Falls Move It Forward group, their name is the Kettle Falls Downtown Association with the theme of Moving it Forward.
Carrie went on to state that they had changed the Facebook page to the Kettle Falls Downtown Association.

Linda requested a copy of last weeks presentation from Carrie.


Phil Teller then went on to tell us about a company named “Main Street Hub” that manages Media for businesses. The company brands and updates the business and will track all media traffic. Phil stated that it might be a great idea for local businesses to consider getting on board so that they can have a stronger media presence. If anyone is interested, they should contact Phil. president@kfchamber.org


Julie was the next to speak. She has been contacting local businesses and the library about promoting our artists. The Kettle Falls Artist Guild, Creative Expressions, will be looking for strong community ties and avenues to allow the artists to display and sell their art.
Julie requested the display case that used to be at the Kettle Falls library for displays at the library and at Town and Country Days.
Julie also requested a copy of Chamber Bilaws and Regs. Phil let her know they can be found on the chamber website.  Carrie stated that Creative Expressions should attend one of her Kettle Falls Downtown Association meetings, next one being Thursday the 24th at 7pm at the library.

Linda spoke next and let us know she had updated the Facebook page and has been working tirelessly to update all the chamber social media outlets.

The discussion moved into the Farmers Market. We decided better signs, more produce and a possible move of the Farmers Market to the corner of 395 and Meyers Street.

Mayor John Ridlington gave an update of the pool. The money has been raised, a committee has been formed and the pool will indeed open this summer.

The city has officially adopted the new Branding and signage. He went on to say that Kettle Falls is indeed moving forward.

Chamber discussed Town and Country Days. We need to call the Butterflies and we need help on the beer garden if we choose to have one. Everything else is in position and ready to go.

Carrie Paetsch requested $500.00 seed money from the chamber for the Kettle Falls Downtown Association. Motion was approved by Linda and seconded by Julie.

Additional Notes: The election of the Kettle Falls Grouch will be held at Northern Ales Wednesday May 23 2018 at 6PM. Come down and have some fun.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM

The next scheduled Chamber Board meeting is Thursday June 7th, 7 Pm at Information Center.

Meeting Minutes By Lorilee Technetium.

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