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Meeting Minutes – April 19, 2018

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Thursday, April 19, 2018, 7:00 Pm



Mayor John Ridlington

Lorilee Technetium

Julie Chamberlain

Larry Kulesza

Lee Moak

Aditi Sood


Reports of Officers: Lorilee spoke about the upcoming change for the art chair of adding Julie Chamberlain. Julie spoke about her experiences with local area art and her dream for Kettle Falls of networking and exposure for local artists.

John stated that He was open to ideas and wanted to see the park used more.

Discussion moved to Farmers Market. Need for advertising, and whether or not to move the farmers market to the corner across from the Theater.

The discussion moved to promotion of local artists, including the use of the Statesman review and Columbia Monthly newspapers. It was decided that we would like to see an Artist Corner in both papers promoting local artists.

No other Officer Reports were available.

Town and Country Days:

Beer Garden-

Aditi stated that Lady Lions will need help for Town and Country Days for the Beer Garden. The beer garden currently has its license and the advertising and promo are well under way. What it does not have is Security. It was decided that a call needs to be made to Phil Adams of the Fire Department to see if a few of our local fire men can volunteer to be part of the Security at the Beer garden. It was decided against allowing just anyone to volunteer for that position so that there would not be a misuse of power. It was decided that the beer garden should indeed be shut down at 9pm.

Julie chamberlain let us know that at the Marcus Ciderfest, there is a chairman in charge of the beer garden event. Chairman is in charge of scheduling bartenders and of keeping a log book of what is sold, how much money was made and how much product must be returned at the end of the event. We will need to ask Andrea who had security last year.


We will need to ask Dave Blank if he is lining up the entertainment for the stage. It was thought that he was heading that venue up. We will also need to make sure Steve Oswond will be bringing the sound equipment.

Aditi stated that she has created a hashtag for Town and Country days so that people can upload videos and pictures. Prizes will be given away for cool pictures.


Membership Drive:

Lorilee will be happy to help with the membership drive when it becomes time.


John let everyone know that he wishes for the pool to be open for 3 to 4 weeks. The cost of that is estimated at 10,000. The pool is still losing water but he would like to go ahead and get it open as he understands that it is important to the community. We need lifeguards. John stated he may need to bring them in from Colville. John also stated he may need to work with Chamber of Commerce to raise the 10,000 needed to run the pool for 3 to 4 weeks.

Aditi stated we should create a Go Fund Me Acct for the pool. We agreed that is a good idea.

John discussed the option of annexing property into the city limits that are suppose to be in the city limits but have not been annexed in up to this point. He stated that he would be working up a proposal and at a later date will need help to get the proposal out to the people.

Maps of Annex were looked at.

The Grouch:

A note was left before the start of the meeting by Deanne asking if we would be keeping the Grouch. She stated that someone had called in asking about this issue. The Chamber discussed it and agreed that we will be keeping the Grouch. We would like to redo the signs at both ends of town, moving the Grouch signs to local restaurants. However the grouch concept will be kept and loved by the community.


Planning Commission – logo has been created.


Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM



The next scheduled Chamber Board meeting is Thursday May 3rd, 7 Pm at Information Center.

Meeting Minutes By Lorilee Technetium.