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Meeting Minutes – Mar 15, 2018

March 15, 2018
Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes, as recorded by Deb Watson secretary
7:00 – Meeting called to order.

Discussed when last meeting occurred: March 1st.
Minutes were not present so we did a quick synopsis.

President’s report: Phil spoke about paying for his main street conference tickets on his own the past 3 years. Also, mentioned his medical expenses. Motion was made by Lorilee for the conference ticket and hotel for him this year. He has already paid for these so he will provide documentation to the Treasurer. motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s report: n/a

Committee report: a lot of support from the community regarding the Main Street Program was reported by Lorilee

Last Saturday was the “Moving Forward” Main Street committee meeting:
– Carrie Paetsch, chairman
– Vice chair and Secretary positions have been filled – we are probably two to three years out before any big money projects can be started.

Robert Brown gave a presentation from the Veterans at the Moving Forward meeting. They are working with placing veterans with agricultural leaders. Discussed the Farmer’s Market. Spoke with Mr. Cruz about moving the market to the corner of Redbridge as there is a lot more traffic access.

Angela spoke about the Visitor Center volunteers, who are in need of a new printer. Last year, many tourists had to wait at least 10 minutes to get a map. Angela’s company can source a good printer and ink for them and is asking the Chamber to reimburse them for this. Cost would be around $500. Mr. Teller moved to have Angela look for the very best deal and get a quote. Deb Watson seconded, the motion passed, and the volunteers will have a new printer once we get a good deal.

Larry reported on his investigation of the Kettle Falls signs, and found that it is unclear who actually owns the signs, there is no known formal agreement written, and any changes in size of the signs may need to be approved by the DOT.
Larry has been appointed to the city planning commission and is going to do a presentation with Thaynan for the public to raise public awareness.
Memorial Day is being planned as a roll-out date for this.

We need someone to volunteer to run the membership drive.  Aditi has volunteered to assist Terry with this.

Chamber Grand Opening events, quarterly dinner nights, were suggested.

Motion was made that next meeting to be held at TJs at 6:00 PM on the first week of April. Lorilee seconded and motion was passed.

Backyard BBQ is Grand Opening at their new location on May 1st.  Red Bridge is Grand Opening on May 1st.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM

Larry Kulesza
Phil Teller
Deb Watson
Lorilee Technetium
Angela Monette Beardall
Aditi Sood
Thaynan Knowlton
Lee Moak

Meeting Minutes – Mar 1, 2018

Meeting was focused mostly on a presentation of the new Kettle Falls city logo.  Presented by Thaynan Knowlton and other design participants.  Discussion followed.  No official minutes taken.  The new logo design was well received!