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Meeting Minutes – Feb 1, 2018

February 1, 2018

Chamber of Commerce Notes As recorded by Deb Watson secretary
7:03 Meeting called to order. Discussed when last meeting occurred: January 18th

Lorilee Technetium
Terry Cripps
Phil Teller
Deb Watson
Andrew Engell – Northern Regional Representative for Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Angela Engell
Aditi Sood

Talk over encouraging business and where that business is growing, where it is not. What can be done to drum up more on the eastern half of the state.

Chamber business:
We appointed Deb Watson to be our new Secretary. Approved by Aditi, seconded by Terry.

President’s Report
We are still in need of a Vice President, there are a couple of members who have stated interest in the position so we hope to fill this position soon. We are still working on getting the pool re-opened there is a leak in the water recycling system so that is to be looked at in the Spring. Then a fund must be set up to fund the pool in perpetuity.
Main Street Small Town Revitalization Program: We have lost the association that was set up with Dave K. so we start fresh moving forward. We need a Board of Directors, per the Mayor – Phil Teller has been made Executive Director once this has been set up.
This committee will need no less than the 4 regular officer members, but many more will be required due to the breadth of the amount of projects that need to be addressed.
Business Occupation Tax programs and grant funding were discussed in depth.
Chamber focus will be bringing more business into town by having the established events while adding more quality events throughout the year. There is discussion about selling off the old city entrance signage and allow one of the local drinking establishments display them. We don’t want to lose our heritage, just give it an update.
Recommendation was made to set up a plan of action for building this Main Street Program so that we have a visual aspect to how the progress is going. There are several unknowns on the actual signage locations that need to be researched.
The possibility of renting a billboard to promote Kettle Falls as a destination was discussed.
Membership Drive: many members are verbally trying to nudge business owners to attend.
president@kfchamber.org for Phil Teller’s ear for any questions.

Treasurers report was read
$3,263.00 Operating Account
$4,201.00 Savings Account
Town & Country $15,086.35
Festival of Neighbors $1,470
They will no longer be holding the Festival of Neighbors event, so 70% will go to the Kettle Falls School Music Program and 30% to Inchelium Music Program
Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM

No previous meeting notes at this time.

Accounting cannot be reported on:
Treasurer is absent.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 PM.