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Meeting Minutes – Mar 15, 2018

March 15, 2018
Chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes, as recorded by Deb Watson secretary
7:00 – Meeting called to order.

Discussed when last meeting occurred: March 1st.
Minutes were not present so we did a quick synopsis.

President’s report: Phil spoke about paying for his main street conference tickets on his own the past 3 years. Also, mentioned his medical expenses. Motion was made by Lorilee for the conference ticket and hotel for him this year. He has already paid for these so he will provide documentation to the Treasurer. motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s report: n/a

Committee report: a lot of support from the community regarding the Main Street Program was reported by Lorilee

Last Saturday was the “Moving Forward” Main Street committee meeting:
– Carrie Paetsch, chairman
– Vice chair and Secretary positions have been filled – we are probably two to three years out before any big money projects can be started.

Robert Brown gave a presentation from the Veterans at the Moving Forward meeting. They are working with placing veterans with agricultural leaders. Discussed the Farmer’s Market. Spoke with Mr. Cruz about moving the market to the corner of Redbridge as there is a lot more traffic access.

Angela spoke about the Visitor Center volunteers, who are in need of a new printer. Last year, many tourists had to wait at least 10 minutes to get a map. Angela’s company can source a good printer and ink for them and is asking the Chamber to reimburse them for this. Cost would be around $500. Mr. Teller moved to have Angela look for the very best deal and get a quote. Deb Watson seconded, the motion passed, and the volunteers will have a new printer once we get a good deal.

Larry reported on his investigation of the Kettle Falls signs, and found that it is unclear who actually owns the signs, there is no known formal agreement written, and any changes in size of the signs may need to be approved by the DOT.
Larry has been appointed to the city planning commission and is going to do a presentation with Thaynan for the public to raise public awareness.
Memorial Day is being planned as a roll-out date for this.

We need someone to volunteer to run the membership drive.  Aditi has volunteered to assist Terry with this.

Chamber Grand Opening events, quarterly dinner nights, were suggested.

Motion was made that next meeting to be held at TJs at 6:00 PM on the first week of April. Lorilee seconded and motion was passed.

Backyard BBQ is Grand Opening at their new location on May 1st.  Red Bridge is Grand Opening on May 1st.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM

Larry Kulesza
Phil Teller
Deb Watson
Lorilee Technetium
Angela Monette Beardall
Aditi Sood
Thaynan Knowlton
Lee Moak

Meeting Minutes – Mar 1, 2018

Meeting was focused mostly on a presentation of the new Kettle Falls city logo.  Presented by Thaynan Knowlton and other design participants.  Discussion followed.  No official minutes taken.  The new logo design was well received!

Meeting Minutes – Feb 15, 2018

February 15, 2018
Chamber of Commerce Notes As recorded by Deb Watson secretary
7:03 Meeting called to order. Discussed when last meeting occurred: January 18th
Terry Cripps
Phil Teller
Deb Watson
Angela Engell
Aditi Sood
Larry Kulesza
Armand Pack
Carrie Paetsch
Thaynan Knowlton
Joe Petrucelli

President’s Report: We are in need of a Vice President and Treasurer.

Chamber business:
We appointed Terry Cripps as our new Vice President, nominated by Armand Pack and seconded by Deb Watson. The vote passed all members present.

Discussion was presented that there is a need for a new Treasurer. Our present Treasurer has requested to have a replacement. No members present volunteered for this position

Signs have been measured and bids are to be procured to see what will be needed for funding.
There was discussion as to whether some time to research some other designs for our signage. There will also be designing done to spread that branding throughout letterheads, ads, etc.

Main Street:
Overview was given on where we are thus far as reported on the last meeting’s minutes. The Board of Directors was discussed. Kettle Falls Moving Forward has offered to combine forces with this Main Street Project in order to move this project forward quickly. The city has hired Gabriel for Grant Writer and City Planner. Nancy stated we have a $44,000 grant for the facade of the theatre. True Value has started building. Armand announced his plans to open an Audio Video studio complete with an online video channel. May 4th the High School is doing Build A Better World Day. They would love some ideas for which businesses could use some help in beautification. There was extensive discussion for working on the city’s codes to assist with the removal of the old cars that are blocking access to the city easements.

New Signs:
Discussed during Chamber Business
Town and Country is going to be getting a new committee so as to keep this event going. The Chamber of Commerce will be taking care of this event going forward. We can expect to see notices to come to organizational meetings. Armand is taking the lead on this committee.

Phil Teller brought up the idea of moving the Stage, but Larry stated that it would be extremely difficult to move. Phil proposed moving it to the staging area of the trains. The property is in the growth management area of the city. The last project that was proposed for that area was quite involved and any project will be a multi-year project for anyone. Discussion moved to how to work the situation as it is and supply transportation from the camping areas to the stage area.

Email president@kfchamber.org for Phil Teller’s ear for any questions.
Treasurer’s report was read by Phil Teller

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 PM
Accounting cannot be reported on:
Treasurer is absent.

Meeting Minutes – Feb 1, 2018

February 1, 2018

Chamber of Commerce Notes As recorded by Deb Watson secretary
7:03 Meeting called to order. Discussed when last meeting occurred: January 18th

Lorilee Technetium
Terry Cripps
Phil Teller
Deb Watson
Andrew Engell – Northern Regional Representative for Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Angela Engell
Aditi Sood

Talk over encouraging business and where that business is growing, where it is not. What can be done to drum up more on the eastern half of the state.

Chamber business:
We appointed Deb Watson to be our new Secretary. Approved by Aditi, seconded by Terry.

President’s Report
We are still in need of a Vice President, there are a couple of members who have stated interest in the position so we hope to fill this position soon. We are still working on getting the pool re-opened there is a leak in the water recycling system so that is to be looked at in the Spring. Then a fund must be set up to fund the pool in perpetuity.
Main Street Small Town Revitalization Program: We have lost the association that was set up with Dave K. so we start fresh moving forward. We need a Board of Directors, per the Mayor – Phil Teller has been made Executive Director once this has been set up.
This committee will need no less than the 4 regular officer members, but many more will be required due to the breadth of the amount of projects that need to be addressed.
Business Occupation Tax programs and grant funding were discussed in depth.
Chamber focus will be bringing more business into town by having the established events while adding more quality events throughout the year. There is discussion about selling off the old city entrance signage and allow one of the local drinking establishments display them. We don’t want to lose our heritage, just give it an update.
Recommendation was made to set up a plan of action for building this Main Street Program so that we have a visual aspect to how the progress is going. There are several unknowns on the actual signage locations that need to be researched.
The possibility of renting a billboard to promote Kettle Falls as a destination was discussed.
Membership Drive: many members are verbally trying to nudge business owners to attend.
president@kfchamber.org for Phil Teller’s ear for any questions.

Treasurers report was read
$3,263.00 Operating Account
$4,201.00 Savings Account
Town & Country $15,086.35
Festival of Neighbors $1,470
They will no longer be holding the Festival of Neighbors event, so 70% will go to the Kettle Falls School Music Program and 30% to Inchelium Music Program
Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM

No previous meeting notes at this time.

Accounting cannot be reported on:
Treasurer is absent.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Meeting Minutes – Jan 18, 2018

Attendees:  Phil Teller (president), Andrea Hedrick (treasurer), John Ridlington (mayor), Armand Pack, Lorilee Technetium & friend, Wayne & Janet, Debra Watson, Larry Kulesza, Angela Monette, Aditi Sood, Joe Petrucelli

7:00pm  Meeting called to order

7:01pm  Not enough voting members present to make any decisions, so meeting adjourned and opened for general discussion.

Main Street Program discussed:

  • Desire to develop a vibrant retail business in Kettle Falls
  • Reviewed articles in the Main Street program guide and handbook
  • A list of donors to the program is available
  • Go to Main Street Washington for all information
  • Discussed the need for a separate Board of Directors to help develop this program
  • Funds are available if we match them
  • Discussed the restoration of historical buildings, a way to find the information locating all of the historical buildings origins

Question: How do we raise funds to pay for projects?

  • Ask local organizations to donate & then seek matching funds from the Main Street Program
  • Discuss local tax revenue & how it could benefit the town, the arts, etc.
  • The mayor discussed where do we start and how do we move forward?  The greatest good, least amount of cost, etc.


  • Bring people in – make downtown attractive to make out-of-town passersby turn into town, also generate enough local interest to get more local participation
  • License the city logo – and allow business to use for their signs (branding), business vs. general population
  • Have a theme for the town – Like Winthrop has the “Old West” theme
  • With Main Street Program, 50% of B&O taxes paid by corporations could go to Kettle Falls… Go to any company in Washington state & ask them to donate their B&O taxes to us
  • Plan for the city to be provided by Larry Kulesza
  • Discussed the areas that are local but fall under county jurisdiction, and we will try to annex them into the City of Kettle Falls
  • Discussed the pool and the costs: $30,000 estimate.  Need a “champion”.
  • Discussed the need for a Vice President for the Chamber

8:03pm  General Discussion (meeting) ended

Meeting Minutes – Jan 4, 2018

January 4, 2018

Chamber of Commerce Notes As recorded by Katy Pike sub secretary

7:08 Meeting called to order. Discussed when last meeting occurred:  Nov. 16th


Thaynon Knowlton

Gabriel Cruden

John Riddlington

Katy Pike

Mayor John Riddlington reported that the Xmas tree town lighting was wonderful. Would like to see capitalizing more on this day event with other activities. Lady Lions already hosts craft fair 9- 3 p.m. Academy Morgage (?) willing to be sponsor for the Woodland Theatre production in conjunction with this event. Move cookies/coffee to Meyers Falls?

Thaynan Knowlton said he tried out (using school projector) to show movies in Woodland Theatre. It will work but will need to purchase own projector and screen.  Talked about ideas like consessions, costumes, and other fundraising ideas. Movies like It’s a wonderful life. Katy recommended looking at a nonprofit to apply for an annual movie showing rights (cheaper if you want to show more than one movie in one year period.) Make pitch to community organizations.

Chamber business:

No previous meeting notes at this time.

Dave Blank has decided to resigned as VP. Linda is still active as Social Media and Tech. (YAY! Katy says she is soooo awesome!!!) Facebook, twitter, and instagram have all been created. Secretary and Vice President positions are currently vacant. Please consider taking up a position.

New business Breadbridge Farms (makes non-GMO animal feed) now moving into old Flour Mill Building. Merle Window and Door has new ownership. Steam Engine Coffee Shop is new. Mike Blankenship is owner of Mrs. B’s Coffee stand (possible member?) ask to see if family member would like to be a part of the board.

Accounting cannot be reported on – Treasurerer is absent.

President shared that wants to fundraise for Chamber to help community events.

Park issue discussed.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Meeting Minutes – Dec 7, 2017

KF  Chamber Meeting – 12/7/2017

Attendees:  Dave Blanck, Lorilee Technitium, John Ridlington, Linda Teller, Lee Moke, Aditi Sood

John talked about Giving Around the Xmas Tree event.  Another whole level was attained this year by having the “Polar Express” train come in (from Idaho) with Santa arriving on the train.

Praise for all the fantastic light displays and mention of the ladies in charge of that.  Thaynan had an idea…show old movies in the Woodland Theater on the same weekend as the event… Lady Lions from 9-3, show movie to 5:30, then the downtown event starting at 6pm.  That would keep people in town all day.  Businesses in town could have specials for the day.

Lorilee: need better advertising for events.  Linda talked about social media accounts.

John: has an old 1950 firetruck with only 8000 miles (but original tires) on it that the Chamber could use in parades, or other groups like high school band or similar.  Idea for putting Santa’s sleigh and reindeer on top of the ladder truck and then have Santa ride in *that* way.

Need more storage for all the decorations, etc.  Police don’t want us to use their storage shed anymore.  Talk about purchasing a container and parking it somewhere.  T&C Days has a storage unit ($50/month for a small 10×10), but needs more space.

Lee showed up at 7:30.  Moved by what he’s been seeing on Facebook.  Wants to improve the digital image.

Linda: Need to capture dollars from people driving through Kettle Falls.

John: lots of history in this area and things to see, places to go, and nobody knows about them.  Mentioned author Jack Nesbitt, “Sources of the River”.

Lorilee: BNSF would love to be part of the Revitalization project.  Dr. Bacon wants to buy a building that will serve the homeless.  Wants to transform the lot next to the Angels Love Clothing location (across from the food bank) into a community garden.  Maybe work with Deanna Hurst, who runs the Community Garden.  A mini green space.  Chuck looking for a building to buy to merge Operation Santa & Angels Love.

John:  Ron Drake project, meetings on Jan 6th and 13th, at the library, 9:30 – noon.  Ideas will be voiced and choose which one to do.  Gabriel Cruden is spearheading the selection process.  As for fundraising, use the Bingo nights.  People want to support you by buying raffle tickets whether or not they want the item being raffled.

Meeting Minutes – Sep 7, 2017

KF Chamber 9/7/2017 Meeting

Attendees: Phil Teller, Dave Blanck, Linda Teller, Lorilee Technetium


Phil Teller read the minutes from the 7/20 meeting (Thaynan Knowlton- guest speaker).

Approval of 7/20 minutes: Linda moved to approve, Dave seconded.

President report: town revitalization, projects like new lighting, signage, wayfinding, RR track overpass for pedestrians/bicycles/wheelchairs and shipping container vendor spaces (Lorilee talked to BNSF about helping/donating to the town revitalization). Main Street program has been idling, and we need to get it up and running to get grant money.

Main Street conference in Ritzville. Need more people to go! Get ideas.

New idea for Woodland Theater. Get a grant to get a movie screen to show vintage movies with audience participation (costumes, applauding hero and booing villains).

VP report: Fest of Neighbors was a success, broke even after expenses, horse/buggy incident.
Camp & Jam successful. Amazing meeting at city hall about Happy Dell Park land: city doesn’t own the park but has been maintaining it for 40 years to a $70,000 budget per year. People (antagonists) who stalled summer events finally signed the paperwork to give the land to the city. Talking to Panorama RV guy to buy the 3-acre property behind the stage to become campsites for stage. Boise Cascade having big company picnic at Happy Dell Park.

Arts Committee: Starting project with library, putting library-themed art in the building.

Tech Committee: added dates into Events in Calendar on website. Will add Ciderfest to calendar. Will give login info to Lorilee who can help with the website.

Next event: Ciderfest. Thrill Kettle Falls?

Dave: Need to find a place to store festival stuff….a container? Near the city shop?

Move to adjourn at 8:00pm: Dave, Phil seconded.

Meeting Minutes – August 4th, 2016

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
Board Meeting
August 4th, 2016
The August 4th meeting was called to order at Noon by Phil Teller
Attendees were Phil Teller, Cliff Dehle, Dave Blanck, Dave Keeley, Nicole McCraw, and Tiffany Sears
Tiffany Sears read the minutes for the July 21st general meeting. Dave Blanck motioned to approve and Dave Keeley seconded. The motion was carried.
President’s report-
Phil Teller reports that he had attended the memorial service for Doll Linten (The Grouch founder) on behalf of Chamber.
Phil reports that the business cards have been ordered and should be here on the tenth of this month.
Phil reports that he has reached out to Kettle Falls clinic requesting that they join Chamber. 16+ Providence employees  will now be Chamber members.
Vice President’s report-
Dave Blanck reports that he also attended the memorial of Doll Linten, which made use of the Crossroad’s Stage. He will be working with Tiffany Sears to bring in more paying members. He would like an improved membership letter, new billboards and more advertizing of the Crossroad’s Stage.
Secretary’s report-
Tiffany Sears reports that she has looked further into the way a Pokemon tournament functioned and how one could be used to bring attention and funds to Chamber. Tiffany briefly describes the process of documenting Pokemon before and after the Tournament and how the winner would be the one with the most progress and would receive some sort of prize. Phil asks about the number and placement of the Pokestops and Gyms. Tiffany will prepare a local map showing these locations. Phil presents the idea of a sort of scavenger hunt situation in which players would complete a tour of the down ending at the Visitor’s Center. Upon completing the challenge they could receive a Kettle Falls pin. He also asks whether or not additional Pokestops can be registered. Tiffany will continue to look into this.
Treasurer’s report-
Andrea Hendrick has an excused absence
Tech and social media report-
Linda Teller has an excused absence
Events and entertainment-
The Camp & Jam by TriCounty Music is in 2 1/2 weeks. They will need insurance for this event which they will pay $215 to Chamber for. Dave Blanck motions to approve, Nicole seconded, and the motion was carried. Phil would like to offer them an option of either paying a small extra fee or allowing Chamber to sell during this event. In the future, Phil would like to charge an additional 20-50% for events. Dave Blanck states that temporary aluminum stages cost about $8000, and that $5000 should be a fair price for use of the Crossroad’s Stage.
Art report-
Nicole McCraw reports that Tiffany Sears is officially on the schedule. Tiffany is working on building the Kettle Falls Arts page on Facebook, promoting Ed Broberg. She also states that Ed Broberg is still waiting for a phone call from Phil Teller to negotiate the rat cards. Phil acknowledges and will call soon to work out the details. Nicole also reports that she has met with the Tribal Belly Dancers to discuss the Thrill Around the World on October 29th, which she would like Chamber to be a part of. She would like to organize a Zombie Prom and a pub crawl ending in Colville for their Festival of Lights. Nicole also suggested adding a shop to the Chamber web page.
The meeting was adjourned by Phil Teller at 1:00

Meeting Minutes – June 16, 2016

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

General Meeting  

June 16, 2016


The KFACC General Meeting was called to order at 6:32pm by Phil Teller, President.


Attendees: Cliff Dehle, Andrea Hedrick, Nicole McCraw, Lauri McKean, Katie Pike, Sandy Sattler, Linda Teller, and Phil Teller.


The Minutes from the June 1st, 2016 Board meeting were read by Linda Teller.  The minutes were approved as presented.


President’s report: New phone system waiting on Radio Shack, working on business cards, prep for How Weird is Your Ride event at T&C Days, brochure for Kettle Falls: report by Nicole McCraw:

Artist submissions presented and reviewed.  Concensus was to go with Ed Broberg (motion by Nicole, seconded by Lauri), but only with the bare minimum of his package options.  Katie recommended a ⅓ flier (rack card- motion by Lauri, seconded by Linda).


VP report: In absentia


Secretary report: Joy has resigned as secretary, Linda filling in temporarily


Treasurer reported:  Operating Account $1574.78.  Blues Festival account $3073; Festival of Neighbors account $1052.74; Savings account $4197.52.  Grouch Run lost money (-$189).  Grouch competition raised $1204.86.  Joy is possibly volunteering to run Grouch next year.


Tech & Social report:  emails set up and emailed board members to connect.  Working on website.


Events & Entertainment: Blues Festival starts tomorrow (June 17th)


Arts Committee:

Thanks to Lauri for Silverado article.  NPS does “artist in residence”, can we do that in the Visitors Center?  Maybe ask NPS artist to do an art lecture free to Chamber members?  Business owner complaint about the Meyers Falls Market kiosk being only for members.
Andrea moved to adjourn meeting at 7:34.  Nicole seconded.6