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Board of Directors Meeting Nov 15, 2018


Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
Board of Directors Meeting
Thursday, Nov 15th, 2018, 7 Pm
Phil Teller –President, Owner of Lakeview and Riverwood B and B
Aditi Sood- President, Owner of Harvest Foods and True Value
Angela Monette-Beardall – Vice President, Owner of Old Apple Warehouse
Lorilee Technetium- Advocate for Disabilities, Chamber Secretary, Chamber Treasurer
Larry Kulesza- Historical Liaison
Karen Frostad- Chamber Operations Volunteer
Judy McAbbe- Chamber Operations Volunteer
Katy Pike- Kettle Falls Library Branch Manager
Cheryl Larcom
Meeting called to order at 7:03 Pm
The last meeting minutes were approved by Vice President Mrs. Monette-Beardall and seconded by President Mrs. Sood.
President’s Report
President Mr. Teller gave the president’s report. Check number 1988 for 1500.00 was written for the Woodland Theater screen. Check number 1989 for 1945.41 was written to Colville sign for the city entrance signs. The signs will be done within a couple of days. Vice President Mrs. Monette-Beardall will organize volunteers to help hang the signs. 8 4×8 sheets of plywood will need to be donated and painted in President Mr. Teller’s garage so that the new signs will be sturdy. We will also need two gallons of dark green paint to ensure the wood is weatherproof. This will keep the signs beautiful for many years to come. Vice President Mrs. Monette-Beardall will work on the donation wood. Lorilee will call Colville Sign for an update as to when they will be completed.
We will not be doing away with the Grouch. The grouch is a wonderful tradition that we have all loved. But we would like the city signs to grow with us for the next 30 years. As we upgrade the town, the signs need to symbolize our growth and professionalism. The grouch signs will be moved. Chamber has proposed one to Northern Ales and one to Happy Dell Park with cutouts for tourist pictures. This will be decided on the next Chamber meeting. If you would like to weigh in on this decision, please attend our next meeting at noon on Dec 3rd at the visitors center.
Decorations for the Holidays
Art Director Julie Chamberlain will be decorating the inside of chamber. Dianne Marco and Donna Stewart will be decorating the outside of chamber. Thank you ladies. You are incredible.
Check number 1992 for $200 was written to True Value for visitor center lighting. It was motioned by Vice President Mrs. Monette-Beardall and seconded by President Mr. Teller.
Community Unity
Lorilee will gather the funds raised for Habitat for Humanity and the families who were affected by our wildfires. She will be contacting the local business who took part in the fundraiser. Totals will be available at the next meeting.
T-Shirt Order
Vice President Mrs. Monette-Beardall will be ordering the Tshirts for chamber.
New Business
Mr. Kulesza, as the Kettle Falls History Liaison, brought to our attention that there were a few errors in the Statesman Review article concerning the Grouch Tradition. Mr. Kulesza will be calling the Statesman to run a new article with more accurate information as to the history of the beloved tradition. He will also call The Monthly and the Silverado to have articles written. He is backed by the Chamber Board of Directors.
Membership Drives
Vice President Mrs. Monette-Beardallwill begin to handle the membership drives. Lorilee will create the spreadsheets and prepare proper documentation for records and accounting. All renewals will be due Jan 1st.
New business will have their first year as a chamber member for free as a gift from chamber, along with their Grand Opening press release. This was motioned by President Aditi Sood and was seconded by Vice President Mrs. Monette-Beardall. President Aditi Sood is in charge of the Grand Openings and Press Releases.
Free Books
Kettle Falls Library Branch Manager Katy Pike has a new program that is happening at the Kettle Falls Library. Children 5 and under get free books that they can keep. Yes, you read that right! Contact Katy at the library to learn more!
Visitor Center Night Lighting
Vice President Mrs. Monette-Beardall will find out why the lights are not turning on correctly on the outside of the visitor’s center. Perhaps it was the time change?
Christmas Tree Lighting- 12/1/18
4:30pm City Fire Trucks will be at the Middle School to load
5:00pm Fire Trucks will leave middle school
5:30pm Fire trucks will meet Santa at the railroad tracks
6:00pm Tree Lighting by Santa.
4:30-6:00pm, Free cookies and hot cocoa will be served.
4:30-6:00pm Donations of food or gifts will be excepted.
Attn: *******************************
As of tonight, President Mr. Teller has handed the Chamber of Commerce President position to Aditi Sood while he attends to personal matters. He will be out of his position for the next few months. Get well soon Sir! We expect you back as soon as you are better. Any question that would normally go to Mr. Teller will now go through Mrs. Sood.
Meeting adjourned at 8:12 Pm
The next scheduled Chamber Board meeting is Monday December 3rd, 2018, 12 Pm at the Information Center.
Meeting Minutes By: Lorilee Technetium.

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