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Meeting Minutes – Jan 18, 2018

Attendees:  Phil Teller (president), Andrea Hedrick (treasurer), John Ridlington (mayor), Armand Pack, Lorilee Technetium & friend, Wayne & Janet, Debra Watson, Larry Kulesza, Angela Monette, Aditi Sood, Joe Petrucelli

7:00pm  Meeting called to order

7:01pm  Not enough voting members present to make any decisions, so meeting adjourned and opened for general discussion.

Main Street Program discussed:

  • Desire to develop a vibrant retail business in Kettle Falls
  • Reviewed articles in the Main Street program guide and handbook
  • A list of donors to the program is available
  • Go to Main Street Washington for all information
  • Discussed the need for a separate Board of Directors to help develop this program
  • Funds are available if we match them
  • Discussed the restoration of historical buildings, a way to find the information locating all of the historical buildings origins

Question: How do we raise funds to pay for projects?

  • Ask local organizations to donate & then seek matching funds from the Main Street Program
  • Discuss local tax revenue & how it could benefit the town, the arts, etc.
  • The mayor discussed where do we start and how do we move forward?  The greatest good, least amount of cost, etc.


  • Bring people in – make downtown attractive to make out-of-town passersby turn into town, also generate enough local interest to get more local participation
  • License the city logo – and allow business to use for their signs (branding), business vs. general population
  • Have a theme for the town – Like Winthrop has the “Old West” theme
  • With Main Street Program, 50% of B&O taxes paid by corporations could go to Kettle Falls… Go to any company in Washington state & ask them to donate their B&O taxes to us
  • Plan for the city to be provided by Larry Kulesza
  • Discussed the areas that are local but fall under county jurisdiction, and we will try to annex them into the City of Kettle Falls
  • Discussed the pool and the costs: $30,000 estimate.  Need a “champion”.
  • Discussed the need for a Vice President for the Chamber

8:03pm  General Discussion (meeting) ended

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