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Meeting Minutes – Sep 7, 2017

KF Chamber 9/7/2017 Meeting

Attendees: Phil Teller, Dave Blanck, Linda Teller, Lorilee Technetium


Phil Teller read the minutes from the 7/20 meeting (Thaynan Knowlton- guest speaker).

Approval of 7/20 minutes: Linda moved to approve, Dave seconded.

President report: town revitalization, projects like new lighting, signage, wayfinding, RR track overpass for pedestrians/bicycles/wheelchairs and shipping container vendor spaces (Lorilee talked to BNSF about helping/donating to the town revitalization). Main Street program has been idling, and we need to get it up and running to get grant money.

Main Street conference in Ritzville. Need more people to go! Get ideas.

New idea for Woodland Theater. Get a grant to get a movie screen to show vintage movies with audience participation (costumes, applauding hero and booing villains).

VP report: Fest of Neighbors was a success, broke even after expenses, horse/buggy incident.
Camp & Jam successful. Amazing meeting at city hall about Happy Dell Park land: city doesn’t own the park but has been maintaining it for 40 years to a $70,000 budget per year. People (antagonists) who stalled summer events finally signed the paperwork to give the land to the city. Talking to Panorama RV guy to buy the 3-acre property behind the stage to become campsites for stage. Boise Cascade having big company picnic at Happy Dell Park.

Arts Committee: Starting project with library, putting library-themed art in the building.

Tech Committee: added dates into Events in Calendar on website. Will add Ciderfest to calendar. Will give login info to Lorilee who can help with the website.

Next event: Ciderfest. Thrill Kettle Falls?

Dave: Need to find a place to store festival stuff….a container? Near the city shop?

Move to adjourn at 8:00pm: Dave, Phil seconded.

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