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Meeting Minutes – Jan 4, 2018

January 4, 2018

Chamber of Commerce Notes As recorded by Katy Pike sub secretary

7:08 Meeting called to order. Discussed when last meeting occurred:  Nov. 16th


Thaynon Knowlton

Gabriel Cruden

John Riddlington

Katy Pike

Mayor John Riddlington reported that the Xmas tree town lighting was wonderful. Would like to see capitalizing more on this day event with other activities. Lady Lions already hosts craft fair 9- 3 p.m. Academy Morgage (?) willing to be sponsor for the Woodland Theatre production in conjunction with this event. Move cookies/coffee to Meyers Falls?

Thaynan Knowlton said he tried out (using school projector) to show movies in Woodland Theatre. It will work but will need to purchase own projector and screen.  Talked about ideas like consessions, costumes, and other fundraising ideas. Movies like It’s a wonderful life. Katy recommended looking at a nonprofit to apply for an annual movie showing rights (cheaper if you want to show more than one movie in one year period.) Make pitch to community organizations.

Chamber business:

No previous meeting notes at this time.

Dave Blank has decided to resigned as VP. Linda is still active as Social Media and Tech. (YAY! Katy says she is soooo awesome!!!) Facebook, twitter, and instagram have all been created. Secretary and Vice President positions are currently vacant. Please consider taking up a position.

New business Breadbridge Farms (makes non-GMO animal feed) now moving into old Flour Mill Building. Merle Window and Door has new ownership. Steam Engine Coffee Shop is new. Mike Blankenship is owner of Mrs. B’s Coffee stand (possible member?) ask to see if family member would like to be a part of the board.

Accounting cannot be reported on – Treasurerer is absent.

President shared that wants to fundraise for Chamber to help community events.

Park issue discussed.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 PM.

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