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Meeting Minutes – Dec 7, 2017

KF  Chamber Meeting – 12/7/2017

Attendees:  Dave Blanck, Lorilee Technitium, John Ridlington, Linda Teller, Lee Moke, Aditi Sood

John talked about Giving Around the Xmas Tree event.  Another whole level was attained this year by having the “Polar Express” train come in (from Idaho) with Santa arriving on the train.

Praise for all the fantastic light displays and mention of the ladies in charge of that.  Thaynan had an idea…show old movies in the Woodland Theater on the same weekend as the event… Lady Lions from 9-3, show movie to 5:30, then the downtown event starting at 6pm.  That would keep people in town all day.  Businesses in town could have specials for the day.

Lorilee: need better advertising for events.  Linda talked about social media accounts.

John: has an old 1950 firetruck with only 8000 miles (but original tires) on it that the Chamber could use in parades, or other groups like high school band or similar.  Idea for putting Santa’s sleigh and reindeer on top of the ladder truck and then have Santa ride in *that* way.

Need more storage for all the decorations, etc.  Police don’t want us to use their storage shed anymore.  Talk about purchasing a container and parking it somewhere.  T&C Days has a storage unit ($50/month for a small 10×10), but needs more space.

Lee showed up at 7:30.  Moved by what he’s been seeing on Facebook.  Wants to improve the digital image.

Linda: Need to capture dollars from people driving through Kettle Falls.

John: lots of history in this area and things to see, places to go, and nobody knows about them.  Mentioned author Jack Nesbitt, “Sources of the River”.

Lorilee: BNSF would love to be part of the Revitalization project.  Dr. Bacon wants to buy a building that will serve the homeless.  Wants to transform the lot next to the Angels Love Clothing location (across from the food bank) into a community garden.  Maybe work with Deanna Hurst, who runs the Community Garden.  A mini green space.  Chuck looking for a building to buy to merge Operation Santa & Angels Love.

John:  Ron Drake project, meetings on Jan 6th and 13th, at the library, 9:30 – noon.  Ideas will be voiced and choose which one to do.  Gabriel Cruden is spearheading the selection process.  As for fundraising, use the Bingo nights.  People want to support you by buying raffle tickets whether or not they want the item being raffled.

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