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Meeting Minutes – August 4th, 2016

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
Board Meeting
August 4th, 2016
The August 4th meeting was called to order at Noon by Phil Teller
Attendees were Phil Teller, Cliff Dehle, Dave Blanck, Dave Keeley, Nicole McCraw, and Tiffany Sears
Tiffany Sears read the minutes for the July 21st general meeting. Dave Blanck motioned to approve and Dave Keeley seconded. The motion was carried.
President’s report-
Phil Teller reports that he had attended the memorial service for Doll Linten (The Grouch founder) on behalf of Chamber.
Phil reports that the business cards have been ordered and should be here on the tenth of this month.
Phil reports that he has reached out to Kettle Falls clinic requesting that they join Chamber. 16+ Providence employees  will now be Chamber members.
Vice President’s report-
Dave Blanck reports that he also attended the memorial of Doll Linten, which made use of the Crossroad’s Stage. He will be working with Tiffany Sears to bring in more paying members. He would like an improved membership letter, new billboards and more advertizing of the Crossroad’s Stage.
Secretary’s report-
Tiffany Sears reports that she has looked further into the way a Pokemon tournament functioned and how one could be used to bring attention and funds to Chamber. Tiffany briefly describes the process of documenting Pokemon before and after the Tournament and how the winner would be the one with the most progress and would receive some sort of prize. Phil asks about the number and placement of the Pokestops and Gyms. Tiffany will prepare a local map showing these locations. Phil presents the idea of a sort of scavenger hunt situation in which players would complete a tour of the down ending at the Visitor’s Center. Upon completing the challenge they could receive a Kettle Falls pin. He also asks whether or not additional Pokestops can be registered. Tiffany will continue to look into this.
Treasurer’s report-
Andrea Hendrick has an excused absence
Tech and social media report-
Linda Teller has an excused absence
Events and entertainment-
The Camp & Jam by TriCounty Music is in 2 1/2 weeks. They will need insurance for this event which they will pay $215 to Chamber for. Dave Blanck motions to approve, Nicole seconded, and the motion was carried. Phil would like to offer them an option of either paying a small extra fee or allowing Chamber to sell during this event. In the future, Phil would like to charge an additional 20-50% for events. Dave Blanck states that temporary aluminum stages cost about $8000, and that $5000 should be a fair price for use of the Crossroad’s Stage.
Art report-
Nicole McCraw reports that Tiffany Sears is officially on the schedule. Tiffany is working on building the Kettle Falls Arts page on Facebook, promoting Ed Broberg. She also states that Ed Broberg is still waiting for a phone call from Phil Teller to negotiate the rat cards. Phil acknowledges and will call soon to work out the details. Nicole also reports that she has met with the Tribal Belly Dancers to discuss the Thrill Around the World on October 29th, which she would like Chamber to be a part of. She would like to organize a Zombie Prom and a pub crawl ending in Colville for their Festival of Lights. Nicole also suggested adding a shop to the Chamber web page.
The meeting was adjourned by Phil Teller at 1:00

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