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Meeting Minutes – May 19, 2016

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

General Meeting  

May 19, 2016


The KFACC General Meeting was called to order at 642pm by Phi Teller, President.


Attendees were Dave Blanck, Cliff Dehle, Nicole McCraw, Lauri McKean, Linda Teller, Joy Matheson, Katie Pike, and Phil Teller.


Guest Speaker, Barry Lamont, from Tri-County Economic Development District, gave a presentation about what TEDD does and what TEDD may be able to do for KFACC.


The Minutes from the May 5, 2016 Board meeting were read.  Linda Teller motioned for approval and Nicole McCraw seconded.  The minutes were approved as presented.


There was no reports from President, Vice President, or Secretary.


Treasurer reported:  Operating Account $2163.84.  $1000.00 transferred from saving for bills and gift shop supplies and merchandise.  Blues Festival account $2718.16; Festival of Neighbors account $1052.74; Savings account $4197.53.


Katie Pike gave a brief report from the City Council meeting.  She also promoted the Pie and Book Sale, June 4, 10-3pm, at the Library, Town & Country Days.


City Arts Committee, Nicole McCraw, Chair, reported that she gave the Treasurer $103.03 raised for Arts committee.  She has recruited five new Chamber members.  She submitted four letters of intent for the tri-fold brochure.  These will be reviewed for the next meeting and chosen artists will be required to submit and sketch and bid by June 30th.


Tech & Social Media Committee, Linda Teller, Chair, reported that the website is under construction, email for Board positions have been set up and she will send out links and instructions soon.


Beautification Committee, Joy Matheson, Chair reported that the barrels have been placed on Meyers Street and all have been adopted.  Stephanie Floyd, owner of the quilt and sewing shop, will be doing some extra work to clean up and decorate an empty area between her shop and the salon.  The weeding still needs done around the Information Center.


Events & Entertainment, Dave Blanck, Chair reported that there is increasing interest in the Crossroads Stage as it comes to completion.  Rental fees and reservations can be made through the City.  He also reports that regional Boy Scouts will be bringing activities to TCD.
Joy Matheson motioned to adjourn the meeting, Linda Teller seconded, meeting adjourned 8pm.

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