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Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2016

Kettle Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

General Meeting



Meeting called to order by President at 6:29pm.


Those in attendance were Linda Teller, Dave Blanc, Sandy Sattler, Phil Teller, Nicole McCraw, and Joy Matheson, Christina & Juergen Uphaus.


The minutes of the April 7, 206 meeting were read and approved.




  • Research for business cards, long distance phone service in the Information Center, and tri-fold brochures is underway.
  • The rules for HOW WEIRD IS YOUR RIDE were read.  Phil Teller moved to approve, Sandy Sattler seconded, and the vote was to approve with attention to suggested corrections and changes.
  • The president would like to make Committee Chairs “Board Members at Large.”


Vice President:

  • Noted that Recruitment and Sponsorship is behind at this time.


Secretary:  No Report


Treasurer:  Submitted to Secretary to be presented at meeting.

  • Operating account $556.20
  • Blues Festival $3200
  • Festival of Neighbors $1052.75
  • Savings $5197.41



  • Beautification Committee
    • Contacts were provided and have been called


  • Tech & Social Media Committee, Linda Teller
    • Regarding website and email:  Linda Teller proposed the KF Area Chamber of Commerce do business with Secure Webs, a local company, for a website and email accounts for board positions at the cost of $120 a year.  The proposal was seconded by Lauri McKean and carried.  Linda will continue to set that up with the company.
    • Lindsay, the current Facebook page Admin for KFACC, has been contacted.  It was suggested that Dave Keeley act as Liaison with Lindsay.
  • Promotions & Marketing Committee, Phil Teller
    • Business cards available for $8/100 cards
    • Long Distance Phone Service for the Information Center available from Verizon Wireless for $20/month
    • A request from Spokane Area Good Roads Association to write a letter in support of naming Highway 395 “Tom Foley Memorial Highway” was read and discussed.  Phil made a motion to write a letter, Joy seconded the motion. The vote was 3 for to 5 against writing.


  • Events & Entertainment Committee, Dave Blanc
    • Town & Country Days is expanding, with new events and new volunteers
    • The Crossroads State is coming to completion and will be ready for festivals this summer.
    • We would like to encourage all the local groups to work together in this area.


  • City Arts Committee, Nicole McCraw
    • Nicole McCraw was nominated to Chair this committee.  Joy seconded the motion, there was some discussion about what the committee entails, and then the motion carried.
    • It was suggested that a calendar of events for our area and for the region be put together.


New Business:

  • Long Distance Phone Service for the Information Center, research dissatisfaction clause on two year contract and tabled until next meeting.
  • There are 14 volunteers in the Information Center, now new members of KFACC.  Cliff Dehle will supply a list of names.
  • Theme discussion for business cards and other Chamber materials tabled until next meeting.
  • Fundraising and money came up in several different ways
    • New Members
    • Possible fundraising events
    • A Chamber booth at Town & Country Days, selling Kettle Falls gear, memberships, and free information.  Cliff will give us an idea of inventory and what to reorder.  Linda Teller volunteered to man the booth.
  • The meeting schedule will return to 1st Thursday at Noon and 3rd Thursday at 630pm.

At 745pm Joy Matheson motioned to adjourn, Sandy Sattler seconded the motion, and Phil Teller adjourned this meeting.

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